Q++ World Clocks Desktop Wallpaper (BETA)

Q++ World Clocks Desktop Wallpaper (BETA) 2.0 beta

This wallpaper always keeps you connected with rest of the world

Would you like to have a world map displaying cities with their time zones on your desktop? Then the Q++ World Clocks Desktop Wallpaper is the best solution for you because it displays the world's continents as outline maps on your desktop, along with the name and local time for a selected piece of cities/locations.The city names are displayed in three colors: grey, yellow and orange (according to daytime,nighttime or twilight time). When you roll your mouse over the dot near each city name, the according time for sunrise and sunset is displayed. By default, the installation program shows all 55 cities for screen resolutions of 1600 px and above, 30 cities for 1280 px and above, 20 cities for 1024 and above, and 10 cities otherwise. Each location listed on the program can be modified or changed by selecting it in the list of cities, and then clicking on the "Modify" button. You can modify the visual position, name, longitude, latitude, time zone offset, and summer time rules for the selected point.
Please note, that your wallpaper is not updated when you close the main window; you have to click on the "Update" button for this operation. Overall, this program could be very useful for people who always wanted to stay connected with the rest of the world.

sujata pardhy
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  • It looks so fine!
  • Always keeps you connected with rest of the world
  • Shows exact time for sunrise and sunset
  • It displays the outline map of the world's continents


  • None
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